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54. How can I share encrypted folders with other pCloud Business users?

Note: In order to share encrypted folders with other members of your company's Business account, you need to have pCloud Encryption activated. Learn more about pCloud Encryption (for Business)

From my.pCloud

  • Unlock the Crypto folder and select a subfolder
  • Click Invite to folder
  • Enter a name for the folder

When sharing encrypted folders, you have the option to choose how you want this folder to appear in your recipients' file structure. The name you choose will be used in email notifications. 

  • Enter the names of the business members or teams
  • Set the level of access by choosing between View, Edit and Manage rights
  • Set a temporary Crypto Pass and you're all set!

Tip: If your recipients don't have access to pCloud Encryption, you will need to set up a Crypto Pass for them. It's called temporary, because the recipients will be able to change it afterwards. Make sure to share the Crypto pass with your recipients via a third-party app that's different from pCloud.