How to Encrypt Files and Data (26)
9. How to reset my Crypto Folder?
Before you proceed, keep in mind that by resetting your Crypto folder, you will be deleting all of the files inside. This action cannot be undone. That's why, in order not to lose anything important, we recommend downloading your data from the Crypto folder first. From pCloud Drive:
  • Double-click pCloud Drive to open the Preferences menu.
  • Open the Crypto tab and click "Reset Crypto folder".
From the mobile app:
  • Open the settings of the app and open the Crypto folder subsection.
  • Tap Reset Crypto folder.
From my.pCloud
  • Click your Account avatar and go to Settings > Crypto
  • Click Reset Crypto folder
You will receive an email with further instructions. Follow the link in the email to confirm the reset of the Crypto folder.