Notas de la Versión


1.9.3 (15/06/2021) | Download
Bug fixes and stability improvements
32bit version: Download

1.9.2 (20/05/2021) | Download
Fixed language related backup issues
Minor UI fixes and improvements
32bit version: Download

1.9.1 (10/03/2021) | Download
Backup improvements
Bug fixes and stability improvements
32bit version: Download

1.9.0 (17/02/2021) | Download
Backup functionality has been added. Back up folders from your computer to pCloud
32bit version: Download

1.8.9 (13/11/2020) | Download
Bug fixes and small improvements
32bit version: Download

1.8.8 (22/10/2020) | Download
Bug fixes and stability improvements
32bit version: Download

1.8.7 (31/08/2020) | Download
Under-the-hood improvements
Bug fixes
32bit version: Download

1.8.6 (27/07/2020) | Download
You can now add a password and expiration date for your links
You can share links that allow download and upload of files
You can browse all your pCloud bookmarks from the app
32bit version: Download

1.8.5 (25/06/2020) | Download
Download links are now shared links
Upload links are now file requests
More UI optimizations for upcoming changes
32bit version: Download

1.8.4 (29/05/2020) | Download
Bug fixes and stability improvements
32bit version: Download

1.8.3 (22/05/2020) | Download
Registration form updates in line with upcoming service improvements
Bug fixes and stability improvements
Fixed expired session error
32bit version: Download

1.8.2 (18/05/2020) | Download
Registration form updates in line with upcoming service improvements
Bug fixes and stability improvements
32bit version: Download

1.8.0 (02/04/2020) | Download
Added Apple sign-in integration
Bug fixes
32bit version: Download

1.7.2 (16/12/2019) | Download
Added support for fuse 3.0 and later
Added support for Kernel 5.4.0 and later

1.7.1 (31/10/2019) | Download
Bug fixes

1.7.0 (08/10/2019) | Download
Improved share functionality
Under-the-hood improvements in preparation for the upcoming changes to the app
Bug fixes

1.6.0 (10/07/2019) | Download
Electron framework update from 2.0.9 to 3.1.11
Bux fixes and stability improvements

1.5.1 (16/04/2019) | Download
bug fixes

1.5.0 (12/03/2019) | Download
Added Google sign-in integration

1.4.8 (11/02/2019) | Download
Added localizations in French, Spanish and German
Multiple bug fixes and improvements

1.4.7 (05/12/2018) | Download
Bug fixes

1.4.6 (14/11/2018) | Download
Minor bug fixes

1.4.5 (22/10/2018) | Download
Stability improvements

1.4.4 (15/10/2018) | Download
Minor design changes in Account tab

1.4.2 (03/10/2018) | Download
Stability improvements

1.4.1 (13/09/2018) | Download
Added support for Two-Factor Authentication
Added pCloud Notifications
Integration of Electron ver.2.0.9
Fixed segmentation fault errors caused by glibc2.28
Multiple UI and functional improvements

1.2.3 (27/08/2018) | Download
Fixed Facebook login error

1.2.2 (10/07/2018) | Download
Fixed minor broken links

1.2.1 (16/05/2018) | Download
Integration of Electron ver.2.0
Added info text in Sync tab
Bug fixes

1.2.0 (28/03/2018) | Download
IMPORTANT NOTICE: This update is required for pCloud Drive to continue normal operation as our SSL certificate has been renewed
Added 'Advanced settings' tab for Sync folders
Bug fixes

1.1.0 (16/02/2018) | Download
Tray icon is now showing current app state
Tray menu has been redesigned and simplified
Pause functionality is added in tray menu
Other minor bug fixes and improvements

1.0.1 (10/01/2018) | Download
Added support for Ubuntu 17.10
Fixed 'blank interface' issue experienced by some users

1.0.0 (24/11/2017) | Download
Application update procedure is redesigned
Fixed multiple minor issues

0.5.0 (beta) (27/10/2017) | Download
Added full pCloud Crypto functionality
Fixed menu icon problems on some distributions
Fixed more Javascript errors and other bugs

0.4.1 (beta) (31/08/2017) | Download
On system start the app no more pops up the GUI or the file browser
"Start on system startup" setting is ON by default
The most common javascript errors are fixed
Log file size is minimized
Fixed a bug with inactive "Apply" button in Settings
Fixed a bug with where "Start on system startup" becomes inactive after update

0.4.0 (beta) (14/07/2017) | Download
Added 'Shares' tab: Create and manage shared folders and download/upload links
Bugs fixed

0.3.0 (beta) (05/05/2017) | Download
Added 'Settings' tab: launch app on OS start, speed, cache size, change cache location
More bugs fixed

0.2.0 (beta) (13/04/2017) | Download
A lot of bugs from the initial release were fixed

0.1.0 (beta) (09/03/2017) | Download
Initial release with support for basic functions
Releases will be in 'beta' until all standard functions are added
All included functions are tested and working
Application will automatically update itself on restart, whenever a new version is available
We will be adding support for more Linux distributions as we progress
You are welcome to share your suggestions with us at

3.1.1 (27/05/2015) | Download
Notification improvements
Bug fixes

3.1.0 (20/05/2015) | Download
Bug fixes and improvements

3.0.1 (09/03/2015) | Download
Various bug fixes and stability improvements
Share permissions re-design and optimization

3.0.0 (02/02/2015) | Download
Introducing pCloud Crypto - client-side data encryption
Minor bug fixes

2.0.0 (15/12/2014) | Download
Introducing pCloud Drive - virtual drive functionality
New Share options and management
New, more user friendly design
Sync optimizations
Various performance improvements and bug fixes

1.2.2 (14/08/2014) | Download
Settings for Auto Start
Update Notification
Speed Optimization
Bug Fixes
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