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42. Does pCloud support the Files app?
From iOS 11.0 or later, iOS has introduced the Files app, which allows you to access and organize all your files from different locations in one place.

With pCloud 1.32.0 onwards, pCloud provides support for Files.

In order to access pCloud from the Files app:

  • Open the Files app and tap on Locations > Edit.
  • Enable pCloud from the option list and confirm.

When you access pCloud files from the Files app, there are a couple of things you should know:

You CAN: Browse, View, Copy, Move, Rename and Upload files from other supported apps to pCloud
  • In order to view a pCloud file from the Files app, you need to tap on the file and it will download
  • To do more with your files, you can always access and share them from the pCloud app