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15. Autofill is not working for a website. How do I report it?

Keep in mind that at the moment, pCloud Pass for desktop doesn't support autofill.

Developers design online forms in different ways. That's why sometimes password managers are unable to detect fields and autofill may not be working properly. If you come across such a website, where the pCloud Pass browser extension is not working, you can report it to us.

Before you proceed to troubleshooting, make sure:

  • pCloud Pass is unlocked. The pCloud Pass browser icon should be purple (without a lock).
  • you are using the latest version of pCloud Pass and your browser
  • you refresh the page and clear the cookies and cache on your browser

If the issue still persists, follow these steps:

  • Open our Contact us form (alternatively, you can send an email directly to with the required information below)
  • Paste the exact URL of the website you're having issues with
  • Explain what exactly is not working - for example, your login details are not suggested, the pCloud Pass icon is missing, pCloud Pass does not fill your login details after you select them or other.
  • Send the report

A member of our team will get in touch in a timely manner, if more information is required.