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60. How can I get an invoice/receipt for my pCloud payment?

You can get an invoice or receipt from the Payment History settings:

NOTE! The Payment History tab lists all records, payments, adjustments, and refunds made to your pCloud account. For privacy reasons, we can't issue an invoice to anyone other than the pCloud account holder.

How to get an invoice:

  • Log into your pCloud account from
  • Click on your Account avatar and go to Settings > Payment History.
  • Select Add Invoice information and choose between Company and Person.
  • After you save your Invoice information, click "Get" invoice next to your payment record
  • Click "Show" and the invoice will open in a new browser tab
You can always change your Invoice information by clicking on Update Invoice information. Keep in mind that you can get an invoice for your current payment until the 5th of the next month. After that, it's only possible to get a sales receipt.

How to get a receipt:

  • Open the Payment History page
  • Click "Get" receipt
  • Click "Show" and the receipt will open in a new browser tab

Can I print my invoice?

After you open the invoice/receipt, right-click and choose Print.

TIP!You can also use keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl+P or Command+P.