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49. What files can I restore with Rewind?
Older versions of your files: With Rewind you can restore any previous version of the files in your account
Shared files and folders: If you had folders shared with you, but your access to them was stopped, you can access all available versions of the files which you previously had in your account.
Files and folders that were moved to the Trash: You can also restore deleted files and folders, as long as they are still in your Trash.
Keep in mind that you will also be able to see permanently deleted files as a part of your reverted account but you won't be able to restore them. Permanently deleted files and folders are forever removed from our servers. We only keep a record of their names and file types in order to preserve your file structure for the date and time you are viewing your account for.
All of the above actions are applicable for Premium/Premium Plus/Lifetime users for a period of 30 days prior to the current date.