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59. What is Extended File History?

Extended File History (EFH) is available as a paid add-on to your pCloud account.

By default, you can recover files in pCloud from up to 30 days (Premium/Lifetime plan), or 15 days (Free plan) in the past.

Extended File History prolongs the period up to which you can record file versions with up to one year. If you add EFH, you will be able to restore any old file edits or files you accidentally moved to the Trash, at any time within 365 days of its modification/edit.

Important to note: Extended File History (EFH) becomes effective from the date of purchase and is NOT retroactive. If you purchase EFH today, your extended file history begins now. Deleted files or older versions from more than 15/30 days before getting EFH will NOT be available for recovery.

How can I get Extended File History?

  • Log into my.pCloud
  • Go to the Rewind section and click on Extend Now
  • Proceed with your purchase

Important to note: Extended File History is not available directly, if you decide to purchase a Premium or Lifetime subscription from the App Store or Google Play.

Can I use Extended File History to restore permanently deleted files?

Permanently deleted files CANNOT be recovered with EFH.

Does Extended File History take up from my storage quota?

File Revisions and deleted files do NOT count against your storage quota, with or without the EFH add-on. On the other hand, if you decide to restore files through pCloud Rewind directly to your pCloud account, the restored files will take from your quota storage.