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49. pCloud Drive ve (pCloud) Sync arasındaki fark nedir?
pCloud Drive is a smart desktop app, which makes it possible to work with your files as if they are on your computer, but without taking space from your HDD. It works as a virtual drive, which can extend the available space on your device with up to 2 TB. Once your files are in pCloud Drive, you will easily be able to access, edit and share with others.

(pCloud) Sync is a feature within pCloud Drive. It allows you to choose locally-stored folders from your PC and sync them with pCloud Drive. This type of connection is two-way, so if you edit or delete the files you’re syncing from your computer, these changes will also apply in pCloud Drive.

If you want to sync a folder with pCloud Drive:
  • Right-click on the folder you’d like to sync
  • Select Sync to pCloud
  • Choose a location in pCloud Drive where you’d like to access this folder and confirm to finish

If you want to sync a file with pCloud Drive:
  • Right-click on the file you’d like to sync
  • Select Copy to pCloud Sync*and you’re done
*You will be able to find this file you decided to sync in the folder pCloud Sync in the main file structure in P:.

Keep in mind: pCloud Sync is not synonymous with backup. pCloud Sync creates a two-way connection between locally stored files and pCloud Drive.

There are a couple of perks in using the Sync option in pCloud Drive:
For once, if you have no Internet connection, you will still be able to work with all your files offline. Once your connection is restored, pCloud Drive will update these files. That way, you can be sure that you’re always with the latest version of your data.

In some cases, you may be unwilling to delete locally stored files, but you will still want to keep an up-to-date copy in pCloud. That’s when you can use pCloud Sync.

*Offline access (sync) – When you right-click on any file within pCloud Drive, you’ll see this option in the context menu. It does the exact same thing as pCloud Sync does, but for files that are stored in pCloud Drive, and not on your computer. That way, if you’re working directly from pCloud Drive but you know that you won’t be having Internet connection in the next couple of hours, you can just assign Offline access for the files you’re working on.